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Dear future entrepreneur,

If you want to start your career as an independent entrepreneur in Belgium, you’ll need to obtain the Business Management Certificate. We offer now the possibility for foreigners to follow their business course in English, which is specifically geared towards the Belgian entrepreneurial climate.

Over the years the Centrum voor Avondonderwijs (CVA) and the Centre de Formation à Distance (CFD) have expanded their expertise to give you the necessary tools to achieve your Certificate as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now, we (the CVA and the CFD) are offering you two new possibilities of courses, and in both cases you can count on teachers that are certified accountants with relevant experience in Belgium.


1st opportunity

Business Management course in English (evening classes)

You can attend evening classes in English in our schools in Antwerp or Brussels. It’s a 5-days crash course, comprising just hours of hands-on practical learning. You will receive a textbook written in two languages, English and Dutch or French. You need to choose one of the two national languages as translation, and you must keep in mind that you need to apply for a test in the language of your home address in Belgium. Afterwards, you can also attend other entire crash course in Dutch or French in one of our schools, free of charge!

This way you are perfectly prepared and ready to take your examination in Dutch or French, according to the language of your home address.

The fee for this course is € 345.
Job seekers in possession of a VDAB or Actiris-certificate can avail of a €50-discount.
horaires cours anglais

2nd opportunity

Home study courses in your native language

You don’t have the time to attend classes? Home studies are the perfect alternative!

Our unique bilingual courses prepare you to pass the test at the Central Examination Board. The home study courses are available in Arabic, English, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish (Portuguese and Romanian soon available).

This way you can study the content in your own language with a translation on the next page to help you to prepare yourself for the National test, which you need to take in Dutch or French, according to the language of your home address.

You will receive the course material at home and for one whole year you will get support from your teacher on the online learning platform, where you can practice the test with exercises and extra reading suggestions.

The bilingual home study course costs only € 254.



You can register on the website or

Should you have any further questions regarding our Business Management courses? You can always reach us by mail or by phone.

If you live in Wallonia or Brussels: 03/229 33 33
If you live in Flanders: 03/292 33 33



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