Hairstyling for Men


  1. to attract new clients and make more money by specializing in male grooming
  2. to turn your career around by opening up your very own barber shop
  3. to network and meet other professionals with a flair for hair
  4. to turn your love for hairstyling into a rewarding and gratifying profession
  5. to enjoy more freedom and autonomy by becoming a self-employed hairstylist

Barber, un métier d’avenir!

Clothes make the man, but a haircut completes him. Are your hands made for shaping and styling haircuts to the point of perfection? Would you like to amaze male customers with trendy haircuts like the pompadour, quiff, French crop or fade buzz cut? Enroll in this course today to become a master barber!

This course is perfect for any (future) hairstylist who wants to specialize in male grooming and seeks to add an in-demand service to his or her professional toolbox. In our hands-on classes, an experienced barber will teach you all the tricks of the trade. Step by step, you´ll learn to razor, trim, cut, thin, comb and detail various hairstyles. Beckham or Timberlake? After this course, you´ll be able to satisfy every customer.

Sign up now, roll up your sleeves and sharpen those scissors!
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  Cours en groupe

  15 cours

  3 Heures de cours

  990.00 euros

Fiche métier Module gratuit

Planning Hairstyling for Men

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Antwerpen15/12/202006/04/202118h30 - 21h30Mar


a professional hairstylist cuts a man

Débouchés et perspectives d’avenir

  • Hairdresser in a hair salon for men
  • Barber in your own barber shop
  • Barber offering his or her services to customers through an online sharing economy platform


  • You recognize and distinguish different face shapes, hair structures and hair types.
  • You understand what clients really want and give them the haircut they´re dreaming of.
  • You handle combs, scissors and trimmers as if they were an extension of your own hand.
  • You always work in a hygienic and safe manner.
  • You deliver a picture-perfect haircut for every face shape and every hair type.
  • More than just a haircut? You treat customers to a relaxing and refreshing experience.
Module gratuit

Contenu du cours

  • Skin and hair types
  • Hair and scalp treatment: washing and conditioning
  • Face shapes: from oval to triangular
  • Working with scissors
  • Working with razors
  • Working with trimmers
  • Working with combs and brushes
  • Other materials and equipment
  • Product knowledge: from sprays and creams to waxes and gels
  • Cutting and shaving techniques
  • Classic barber cuts: the pompadour, french crop, buzzcut and quiff
  • Welcoming and advising clients
  • Attracting and retaining clients

 professional hairdresser washing the hair of a man after a haircut

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Bon à savoir à propos de ce cours Hairstyling for Men

Materiaal Nodig?


Déroulement de la formation

This group course consists of 15 lessons. These hands-on and practice-oriented lessons are taught by a seasoned professional and independent entrepreneur with tons of real-life experience. Step by step, week by week, you´ll actively master new skills and acquire new insights. Each lesson builds on the knowledge gained during the previous class.

Each lesson takes place on the same day of the week and in the same classroom. You can find the various starting dates and locations of this course at the bottom of this page. Just have a look to find the starting date and location that suits you best!

Cliquez ici pour voir les plannings.

Matériel nécessaire

To actively participate in class and to practice at home, you’ll need your own hairstyling tools. Together with your teacher, we developed a customized package of high-quality hairstyling products and tools. This package is specifically tailored to the course Hairstyling for Men and contains everything you need: from a mannequin head, over scissors and combs, to a trimmer. Call +32/ for more information about the package. After finishing the course, all tools and products included in the package can of course be used to set up your own barber shop. Order now and take advantage of attractive wholesale prices!

Please also bring 4 towels, pen and paper to class.

Expérience pratique et stage

Do you wish to quickly put your new skills and insights into practice? Become an intern at your favorite hair salon or in a barber shop in your neigbourhood! During an internship, you´ll be able to further deepen your knowledge, gain a fun, real-life experience and expand your network with professional contacts. On top of that, internships simply add an attractive touch to your resume. They are a true stepping-stone to success!

You are free to choose the period, place and duration of your internship. When you have found the ideal internship, please contact us so we can take care of your internship contract. After signing this contract, you can immediately start gathering new professional experiences. Your internship lasts up to a maximum of 300 hours. Make sure you have completed it before you finish this course. This way, with an internship and a valuable diploma in hand, you´re fully prepared for the future!

Examen et diplôme

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? During the last class of your course, you can take a voluntary exam. Did you score at least 60%? Congratulations! You passed the exam. We´ll send you the diploma Hairstyling for Men by mail. Add this valuable diploma to your resume and you´re all set to become an independent entrepreneur, find a new job or finally get that promotion you´ve been waiting for! If you do not wish to take the voluntary exam, you´ll receive a certificate of participation.

a professional hairdresser demonstrates good practices in front of trainees


Pourquoi choisir le Coursle Groupcourses

Frais d’inscription

This course only costs €990.00. Included in this tuition fee are an illustrated coursebook, professional tutoring from an experienced hairstylist, access to digital course material on our online learning platform, as well as the possibility to take a voluntary exam during your last class and obtain a valuable diploma.

Réductions et avantages

 a professional hairstylist makes a hairstyle for his client
Ayman M.

Des cours très bien expliqués, professeur très agréable, tout ce qu’il faut pour réussir !

Marie Josée D.

Très chouette formation et formateur motivant et professionnel. Merci.

Karima A.

J’ai été ravie d’avoir cours avec mon professeur, j’ai pu apprendre beaucoup de choses.

Evi D.

Formation intéressante et pratique. Très utile pour le travail quotidien


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