1. to help customers get rid of unwanted hair
  2. to give customers the desired look they want
  3. to learn different hair removal techniques
  4. to specialize in waxing
  5. to give the customer the most comfortable and ideal experience

Beautician, un métier d’avenir!

Do you want to help your customers get rid of unwelcome hair in unwanted spots in a professional way? Do you want to offer a range of hair removal services, from strip wax, to revolutionary film wax and other classic forms of epilation? Then the Hair Removal & Waxing course is just right for you!

Both men and women spend plenty of time grooming themselves to feel confident about their body. You can learn to help them effectively and painlessly.

Your professional teacher specializes in styling, trimming and removing excess body hair and teaches you all the tricks of the trade to give your clients they hair removal service they need.
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  Cours en groupe

  3 cours

  3 Heures de cours

  219.00 euros

Fiche métier Module gratuit

Planning Waxing

CoursCampusPremier coursDernier coursHorairesJour
Gent15/10/202029/10/202018h30 - 21h30Jeu
Bruxelles / Brussel22/10/202012/11/202018h30 - 21h30Jeu


group course waxing practical training

Débouchés et perspectives d’avenir

  • Self-employed Beautician
  • epilation specialist in a wellness centre
  • Professional waxer


  • Strip wax, film wax, ... use a range of professional products and materials
  • apply different hair removal techniques with a professional result
  • put your clients at ease and make them confident again
Module gratuit

Contenu du cours

  • Introduction to hair removal
  • types of epilation
  • different techniques for different cases
  • growth phases of hair
  • Preparation of the skin and hair
  • various forms of excessive hair and contraindications
  • The ideal appointment: welcoming, relaxing and advising the customer
  • choosing the right professional material
  • going independent and finding clients

waxing practical training

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Bon à savoir à propos de ce cours Waxing

Materiaal Nodig?


Déroulement de la formation

The Waxing training consists of 3 lessons. Each lesson takes place on the same week day as the start day of the course. Step by step you will develop the insight and skills you need to find a job in your field of choice. In our courses you'll learn by doing and racticing, as much as you need. You'll also get to ask career advice and tips on the spot because your teacher is a seasoned professional and independent entrepreneur who has tons of practical knowledge to share with you. In the start date overview of this course you will find all lesson days for each course series.

Cliquez ici pour voir les plannings.

Matériel nécessaire

As you will be practicing on fellow students, we kindly ask you not to wax or shave in the three weeks leading up to your first class.

To actively participate in class, you’ll need your own waxing products. Together with your teacher, we developed a customized package of high-quality products and tools. This package is specifically tailored to this course and contains everything you need: from a wax heater to spatulas, tweezers and strips. Call +32/ for more information about the package. After finishing the course, all tools and products included in the package can of course be used to set up your own beauty salon. Order now, take advantage of attractive wholesale prices and invest in your future!

Please also bring pen and paper, a fitting sheet, 2 small towels, cotton pads, tissues, hand sanitizer gel and rubbing alcohol to class.

Expérience pratique et stage

Do you want to put your knowledge from this course into practice? Then you are always free to do an internship. This way, you gain practical work experience - which is a great asset on your resume – and in addition, you are further expanding your network with contacts that can help you when you start your career.

You can choose the period, place and duration of the internship yourself. This way, you can search for the perfect place to gain your first working experience. When you are ready to start, you can request an internship contract at our school. Complete this together with your internship provider and return it to us. After that, you can start immediately, with a maximum of 300 hours. Make sure you have completed your apprenticeship before you take the exam. This way you are fully prepared for your future career!

Examen et diplôme

At the end of your training you take an exam. When you score at least 60%, you pass and receive the Waxing Diploma by post. Add this to your resume and you're all set to enter the working field!

wax hair removal practical training


Pourquoi choisir le Coursle Groupcourses

Frais d’inscription

This course only costs €219.00. For this price you get an illustrated textbook, hands-on lessons from a seasoned subject expert in state-of-the-art classrooms, access to interactive digital lesson material on our brand new online learning platform and the possibility to take an exam and obtain a valuable professional diploma.

Réductions et avantages

waxing procedure on foot

Parcours d’étude

Qu’est-ce qu’une formation allround ?

En choisissant une formation allround, vous faites le bon choix afin de devenir un véritable professionnel dans votre domaine. Vous combinez 5 modules, parfaitement coordonnés, qui vous apporteront un large éventail de compétences. Vous pourrez ainsi commencer votre nouvelle carrière en toute sérénité.

Les modules sont planifiés de manière à ce que vous puissiez les suivre de manière consécutive et que vous ayez fini votre parcours rapidement. Tout au long de la formation, vous aurez cours le même jour de la semaine, à la même heure. Vous pouvez ainsi facilement inscrire votre formation dans votre agenda. En outre, vous bénéficiez d’une réduction importante en vous inscrivant à la formule allround. Vous payerez moins cher qu’en suivant chaque module séparément. Pour cette formation Beautician vous économisez ainsi 116€. La formule idéale !

Réduction dispensatoire

Vous avez déja suivi un des modules de ce Allround et vous souhaitez maintenant suivre la formation Beautician ? Dans ce cas, vous pouvez profiter d’une réduction dispensatoire ! Prenez contact avec nos conseillers en formation pour profiter de cette réduction.

 a woman in a facial beauty procedure

Devenez un véritable expert dans votre domaine!

Soyez sûr de votre place pendant tout le parcours!

Profitez d’une importante réduction sur les frais d’inscription!


women in beauty saloon having massage procedures

Opportunités de carrière

  • beautician
  • work in a wellness center
  • start your own beauty parlor

Infos à propos de cette formation allround

Are you wild about beauty and do you dream about a career in this vibrant sector? Would you like to get a professional training and a valuable diploma to start out as a professional beautician or launch your own business? Then the beautician training course is exactly what you’re looking for!

During this hands-on course you will explore and master the art of beauty care in 5 modules: Facial Care, Basic Massaging, Cosmetic Manicure & Pedicure, Hair Removal & Waxing and Day & Evening Makeup. The course is open to everyone and is ideal for those who want to learn by practicing right away.

The training is organized for small groups, so that you receive personal guidance and can practice on different models. Sign up now and kick-start a career in beauty!


Module: Body Massage
Module: Make-Up Artist: From Day to Night
Module: Facial Treatment
Module: Cosmetic Manicure and Pedicure
Module: Waxing
Devenez Beautician


  Cours en groupe

  21 cours

  990.00 euros

Ayman M.

Des cours très bien expliqués, professeur très agréable, tout ce qu’il faut pour réussir !

Marie Josée D.

Très chouette formation et formateur motivant et professionnel. Merci.

Karima A.

J’ai été ravie d’avoir cours avec mon professeur, j’ai pu apprendre beaucoup de choses.

Evi D.

Formation intéressante et pratique. Très utile pour le travail quotidien


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