The dream career for fashionistas

04/05/2020 Amari Lindroos

Have you been dreaming of a career in fashion? Are you interested in everything that has to do with the fashion scene? Then maybe you should consider a serious career as a professional fashion stylist! What does a career as a fashion stylist entail?

Extensive knowledge about fashion

You have to know all about your different types of fashion, styles, designers, patterns, fabrics, so that you know exactly how to dress your clientele!

You know how to pair outfits, what colors and patterns work together and what doesn’t work. You know the right outfit for every occasion.

Keeping up with the trends

As a fashion stylist you always have to be on top of the latest and most upcoming trends. You need to know what is in and what’s out at the moment, or what old trends are making a comeback!

Working with a varied range of clientele

You will work with so many different types of clients ranging from celebrities getting ready for the red carpet, models walking in a fashion show, people looking for a new look, as well as people with different body types and silhouettes!

You need to know how to dress these people like a pro and know what flatters their bodies so they can feel confident and stylish.

Give tailored advice

People are going to be relying on you for professional style advice and you need to deliver what they want.

You need the proper knowledge to do so, which is why it is a really great idea to invest in a professional diploma !

Are you interested in learning more about fashion styling as a career? Then the Fashion stylist (All-round) course is just for you! You can get start learning more right now, from the comfort of your own home.


  • Being able to perform a full color analysis for your client
  • Emphasize the figure or cover up imperfections
  • Choose the right accessories, glasses, jewelry, ... depending on type

Fashion Stylist Allround, aProfession


  • Diplôme
  • courseTypeH
  • 9-12 month.plural cpCourseTypeHomeDurationSuffix
  • cpAllroundCourse
  • €990


  • Module: Color Advice
  • Module: Color Advice Sub-seasons
  • Module: Style Advice
  • Module: Image Advice
  • Module: Elective Course Style Advice for Men OR Lingerie



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